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Life & Teaching of our Prophet Textbook 4A

Life & Teaching of our Prophet Textbook 4A

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Life and Teaching of our Prophet- is a textbook written for Sirah and Hadith Studies syllabus for Primary 4 pupils as part of the Curriculum Development Project initiated by the MUIS for the madrasah in Singapore.

The text book introduces the life and teachings of our dear Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in a simple and interesting manner. The lessons on the life of the Prophet s.a.w. have arranged in a sequential manner that will help pupils to comprehend and understand the important events of the life of our Prophet s.a.w. The textbook is written in English with lots of interesting and colourful illustrations, which makes learning interesting and exciting for the pupils. It is hope that the textbook will develop the beginning of the lasting love for the Prophet s.a.w. in the hearts of the young believers, InsyaAllah.

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